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Mike 2014 outdoor season

Mike had some good times along with the bad. Injuries plagued Mike this season and when he was recovering from them bad luck with his bike would set in. Mike did have a good time though in the company he spent his time with. Running the road with his bud Kevin Rookstool they met the Albertsons and crew back east out of chance (They were broke down,Mike and Kevin stopped and helped) and ending up staying with them for a good portion of the time. Mike came back to the west coast and ran PIR & Washougal with more bad luck in the race but did win the whip contest at PIR (Photos below). Special thanks to Georgia and Jimmy Albertson for their hospitality in letting us stay at their place and putting up with us. True privateers stick together and as a result I feel I've gain a new family as I consider them as such. Thank you again for all youv'e done, love you guys---Mikey.


Local Fun at RVMX-GP.

Mike decided to enter the local track RVMX's first GP race. This was a hour long race through a very long and diverse track. Mike not only won the event he lapped everyone but second place. This was even with pitting as he would have ran out of gas! Also Sebastian Toth whom Mike has been training won his division as well. Others that Mike trained placed very well for their first time riding also. Mike thought the race was pretty fun and a good change of pace. Who knows might be some more GP in his future?

Good youtube video from Worthless films on it here: RVMX-GP


Good times and bad times--Seattle

Mike was set and as ready as he could be considering he was & is still recovering. After a great heat race Mike landed in the main. After getiing a awsome holeshot Mike took a big clod of dirt in the process. Normally he would just hack it up and keep going but due to the injury of his larynx he could not dislodge it. Not being able to breath (The excitement doesn't help either) Mike started to roll the jumps and continued to try and clear the obstruction. Fading from the front to back and hacking up the dirt mixed with blood finally pulled off to avoid passing out or worse on the track. Unfortunately from this incident Mike will not be able to ride Salt Lake and possibly Las Vegas either (If he listens to the doc this time). Injuries are the bane of every privateer. This year they have pretty much run Mikes season. I have no doubt if he had the chance and luck to come into the season without any problems he would be up front just like the pic below in Seattle.The only difference is he will stay there.


Injury times two!

Mike has had a tough start for this season of supercross. Mike trained his butt off in SoCal only to break his throttle hand (finger) just before Anaheim 1. After getting that fixed and recovering Mike was ready to kick some butt. He came back for Anaheim three and was smoking fast in practice on his KTM. Bad luck hit again and Mike came up short on a jump and crashed. he managed to catch his throat on his bars which punctured his larnyx/vocal cords resulting in some time in ICU. Mike is now recovering/training and hungry to get back. He is shooting for Seattle so wish him some luck. I know if he gets back into the shape he was just before A1 then there is gonna be suprised riders at the top.


125 Dream Race Washougal & KTM's

Mike changed his colors (If you haven't noticed) and is riding KTM's from Power Motorsports. He recently took a bone stock KTM 125 to the 125 Dream Race at Washougal.Mike pulled off a 2nd overall landing him on the podium. Pretty dang good with a bone stock machine! Mike will now be getting ready for the 2013 SX season on his Power KTM 450's.

Mikey Horban #143 Las Vegas Supercross 2012

Mikey Horban #143 Las Vegas Supercross 2012

Mikey Horban #143 Las Vegas Supercross 2012

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